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Enhance your CIAM capabilities without committing to a migration from Akamai Identity Cloud. Next Reason modernizes your customer experience while providing a seamless modernization path.

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Don’t want to migrate? Don’t worry.

According to Gartner, over 60% of CIAM migration projects exceed their budget or timeline due to the complexity of integrations and the risks of a “big bang” approach.

Challenges of a CIAM migration

Staying competitive and providing a seamless customer experience depends on having a robust and evolving CIAM (Customer Identity and Access Management) solution. Yet, as an Akamai Identity Cloud customer, you're facing a unique set of obstacles:

Akamai Identity Cloud's Uncertain Future: You recognize the need to evolve your CIAM strategy, but Akamai Identity Cloud's direction leaves you questioning its long-term viability.
Forced Migration Looms: Migrating customer data is daunting. Complexities and risks could disrupt your customer experience and strain your IT resources.
Outdated CIAM = Competitive Risk: Your competition may be outpacing you with modern login methods, superior security, and the engaging experiences customers now demand.
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The Next Identity Bridge:

Modernize Your CIAM Without Disruption

The good news is, you don't have to navigate these challenges alone. Next Identity offers a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between your current Akamai Identity Cloud landscape and the future of CIAM. This bridge combines:

  • CIAM Migration Accelerator Services:Our team of CIAM experts will guide you through a streamlined process that continues to use Akamai Identity Cloud to store customer data while layering modern CIAM capabilities on top, minimizing disruption and ensuring a successful transition.

  • Next Identity:Our cutting-edge, vendor-agnostic solution seamlessly integrates with your existing Akamai Identity Cloud landscape, unlocking a suite of powerful features:

  • Adopt:Accelerate app adoption and integration with pre-built connectors.

  • Unify:Accelerate app adoption and integration with pre-built connectors.

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    Connect:Integrate seamlessly with third-party services to create a best-in-class CIAM ecosystem. Transition from a monolithic platform to a modern, extensible solution to unlock the future of CIAM.

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With the Next Identity and our accelerator service, you can:

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  • Modernize your CIAM capabilities without committing to migrating your customer data just yet.
  • Enjoy a future-proof solution that allows you to migrate to a new CIAM vendor at your own pace.
  • Streamline the migration process with expert guidance and minimize disruption to your business operations.
This combined approach empowers you to evolve your CIAM strategy with confidence, ensuring a smooth transition while delivering a delightful customer experience.