Optimize costs & reduce complexity

Seamlessly integrate your CIAM services, slash the need for custom development, and delegate administration to reduce operational costs.

"40% of organizations cite the ongoing cost of maintaining their CIAM infrastructure as a major barrier to adoption." (Source: WSO2, 2023)

Optimize Service Costs and Reduce Complexity with Next Reason

The escalating costs and complexity of managing a sprawling CIAM ecosystem can be a major pain point for service administrators. Juggling disparate systems, maintaining manual processes, and navigating constant upgrades can drain resources and strain budgets. At Next Reason, we understand the critical need to optimize efficiency and streamline operations within your CIAM infrastructure.

Our solutions are designed to empower you to:

Uncover hidden costs: Gain comprehensive visibility into the true cost of managing your complex CIAM environment, pinpointing hidden expenses associated with infrastructure, maintenance, and manual processes. Our solutions help you benchmark your resource allocation against industry best practices, allowing you to identify areas for immediate cost optimization.
Automate and consolidate: Eliminate the burden of manual tasks associated with user provisioning, access control management, and system maintenance. Our solutions automate routine processes and consolidate your CIAM environment onto a single, unified platform, significantly reducing operational overhead and freeing up your team's time for strategic initiatives.
Standardize and simplify governance: Implement standardized policies and access controls across your entire CIAM ecosystem, ensuring consistent enforcement and reducing the risk of human error and compliance violations. By simplifying governance, you can streamline audit processes and minimize the administrative burden associated with maintaining secure access across your organization.

Identify CIAM Inefficiencies

Next Reason’s CIAM Maturity Scorecard is a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s customer identity service we developed based on years of experience working with some of the biggest CIAM deployments in the world. It begins with listening closely to where you are and where you want to go, and ends with an actionable roadmap combining our prescriptive best practices with your requirements.
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Uncover hidden costs: Our CIAM Maturity Scorecard provides a data-driven assessment, pinpointing hidden expenses associated with infrastructure, maintenance, and manual processes.
Benchmark your performance: Compare your current CIAM state against industry best practices to identify immediate cost-saving opportunities.
Develop a cost-saving roadmap: Gain actionable insights to optimize resource allocation, streamline processes, and achieve cost efficiency.
Quantify potential savings: Understand the financial impact of CIAM improvements through measurable cost-savings projections.
Make data-driven decisions: Use data-backed insights to shape strategic decision-making around CIAM investments.
The CIAM Maturity Scorecard equips you with the data and insights needed to optimize your CIAM environment for long-term cost efficiency and informed decision-making.

Simplify Integration & Control Costs

Juggling the constant influx of new applications and managing their onboarding can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task for CIAM service administrators. Our CIAM Managed App Onboarding service streamlines the process, freeing up valuable time and resources while optimizing costs.
Reduced administrative burden: Eliminate the need for manual configuration and integration tasks, allowing your team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Pre-built connectors and automation: Leverage pre-built connectors and automated workflows to onboard new apps quickly and efficiently, minimizing errors and ensuring consistency.
Reduced development costs: Eliminate the need for custom development resources, lowering overall onboarding costs and reducing time-to-value.
Standardized access control: Enforce consistent access policies across all your applications, simplifying security management and minimizing compliance risks.
Improved user experience: Provide a seamless and consistent onboarding experience for users, fostering adoption and reducing support tickets.
By automating and simplifying app onboarding, you can free up your team to focus on core competencies, improve operational efficiency, and optimize your CIAM budget. Contact us today to learn more about how our CIAM Managed App Onboarding service can help you achieve these goals.
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Optimize CIAM Support

Next Reason's CIAM Managed Operations service takes the weight off your shoulders, providing 24/7 integrated support that combines our prescriptive best practices with ITIL service management principles and your unique requirements for seamless and secure customer identity operations.
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Our CIAM operations team provides:
Offload day-to-day tasks: Free your internal team from the burden of user provisioning, access control enforcement, and system monitoring.
Focus on strategic initiatives: Enable your team to dedicate their expertise to driving innovation and maximizing CIAM value.
Ensure smooth operation: Benefit from the expertise of our CIAM specialists to guarantee the efficient and reliable functioning of your CIAM solution.
Optimize resource allocation: Redirect your team's valuable time and resources towards strategic projects and high-value initiatives.
Unlock full CIAM potential: Leverage the expertise of our managed operations team to maximize the benefits and ROI of your CIAM investment.
CIAM Managed Operations frees you from the burden of daily management, allowing you to focus on higher-level priorities and maximize your team's potential. This empowers you to contribute more strategically to your organization's success.

Empower Your CIAM Team to Drive Innovation & Efficiency

Next Reason's CIAM Managed Center of Excellence (COE) acts as your integrated guide and expert team, empowering you to take control of your digital transformation journey.
Dedicated expertise: Gain access to a team of CIAM specialists who can guide your organization's journey.
Strategic roadmap: Develop a clear and actionable roadmap aligned with your business goals, ensuring your CIAM strategy supports your overall digital transformation initiatives.
Best practices and long-term success: Foster a culture of best practices within your organization, laying the foundation for long-term cost efficiency and operational excellence.
With our CIAM Managed Center of Excellence, you gain a strategic partner who empowers your team to achieve continuous improvement and unlock the full potential of your CIAM investment. This not only reduces costs and complexities but also positions your organization for long-term success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
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Partner with Next Reason to:

Maximize ROI on your CIAM investment: Streamline operations, minimize resource allocation, and optimize licensing costs through our expertise and strategic guidance.
Simplify CIAM Management: Gain a unified and centralized approach to CIAM, reducing the burden and complexity of managing multiple solutions.
Increase Efficiency and Agility: Optimize your CIAM infrastructure for faster response times, improved user experience, and adaptability to changing business needs.
Focus on Strategic Initiatives: Free up your internal resources from administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on high-impact projects that drive business value.

Partner with Next Reason and let us help you achieve cost-efficiency, operational simplicity, and a CIAM foundation that empowers your organization's growth.

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