CIAM Maturity Scorecard

Your digital transformation roadmap to peak CIAM performance

We’ll review your CIAM landscape, learn about your goals, and deliver a personalized digital transformation plan combining our proven practices with your needs.

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Many organizations struggle to provide seamless customer experiences while also securing access and protecting data. Without a mature CIAM strategy or customer identity service you risk high operational costs, frustrated customers, increased security vulnerabilities, and slow innovation.

  • Adopt:Accelerate app adoption and integration with pre-built connectors.

  • Unify:Accelerate app adoption and integration with pre-built connectors.

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    Connect:Integrate seamlessly with third-party services to create a best-in-class CIAM ecosystem. Transition from a monolithic platform to a modern, extensible solution to unlock the future of CIAM.

CIAM services today are relying on:

Self-assessment tools
—but these often lack industry standards and objectivity, leading to inaccurate results.

Consultative assessments—but these are be expensive and time-consuming, requiring a lot of your time and effort.

Industry reports—but these only offer general insights rather than specific guidance for your organization.
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    Expert guidance: Our customer identity architects will be at your side throughout the process.

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    Deep analysis: We’ll review your CIAM landscape, security and compliance requirements, and propose innovations to deploy during your migration.

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    A customized roadmap: Develop a tailored plan that considers your unique business and customer needs that includes zero disruption to your customers.

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    Cost optimization solutions: We’ll help you find ways to take advantage of your migration to optimize your spend and efficiently scale operations.

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    A transparent & actionable plan: We’ll deliver a customized migration report that considers your unique needs while ensuring zero downtime for your business and a frictionless migration experience for your customers.


Next Reason’s CIAM Maturity Scorecard is a comprehensive analysis of your organization’s customer identity service we developed based on years of experience working with some of the biggest CIAM deployments in the world. It begins with listening closely to where you are and where you want to go, and ends with an actionable roadmap combining our prescriptive best practices with your requirements.

By using our CIAM Maturity Scorecard, organizations can gain the clarity and direction needed to optimize their CIAM capabilities, improve security, enhance user experience, and achieve their business goals.


Gain a clear understanding of your current CIAM capabilities


Embark on a thorough evaluation journey as we introduce the key components of our CIAM maturity assessment process, including the meticulous assessment framework, data collection, insightful scoring & analysis, and actionable deliverables & recommendations, tailored to elevate your CIAM strategies.

Assessment Framework

A comprehensive framework based on industry standards and best practices, covering key CIAM areas like:

  • User Identity & Access Management
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • User Experience & Self-Service
  • Governance & Monitoring
  • Integration & Interoperability
  • Innovation & Future Trends

Each area will have defined maturity stages (e.g., Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Leader) with clear criteria for evaluation.

Data Collection

We’ll collect data through various methods, including:

  • Self-assessment questionnaires
  • In-depth interviews with key stakeholders
  • System audits and documentation review
  • User experience evaluation
  • Industry benchmarking data

Data collection is secure, confidential, and tailored to avoid excessive burden on the client.

Scoring & Analysis

  • Analyze collected data against the framework criteria.
  • Assign scores and generate an overall maturity scorecard for each CIAM area.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Benchmark the score against industry averages and competitors (optional).

Deliverables & Recommendations

We’ll provide a comprehensive report with:

  • Detailed scorecard breakdown for each CIAM area
  • Insights and interpretations of the findings
  • Actionable recommendations for improvement
  • Prioritized roadmap for achieving desired maturity levels
  • Industry best practice examples and case studies

Service Tiers

Ideal For

Organizations seeking a quick and initial understanding of their CIAM maturity

Assessment Scope

Focuses on core CIAM functionalities, providing a general overview of strengths and weaknesses

Response Time

Basic security & compliance assessments


Offers a CIAM maturity score along with basic recommendations for improvement

Turnaround Time

Delivers results within 5 business days, making it suitable for time-sensitive needs


Limited customization options available

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