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Easily integrate modern authentication and authorization features into your applications, leading to quicker release cycles and time-to-market advantages.

Slow mobile app releases cost over $100,000 in lost revenue per year for 75% of companies. (Source: Kobiton, 2023)

Streamline CIAM Integration for Faster App Rollout

Modern application development demands speed and agility. Yet, integrating robust authentication and authorization features creates complexity, often causing development bottlenecks and frustrating delays. Implementing security protocols, managing user identities across multiple platforms, and ensuring compliance are critical but resource-intensive tasks that divert your team from core development goals.

Ever-evolving security landscape: Keeping pace with constantly changing security threats and compliance requirements is a relentless challenge.
Diverse user expectations: Today's users demand seamless login experiences across devices while prioritizing security and control over their data.
The burden of legacy systems: Integrating new authentication and authorization solutions with existing infrastructure can be cumbersome and error-prone.

Next Reason's CIAM solutions address these challenges head-on. Our services simplify complex CIAM integrations, empowering you to focus on delivering innovative features and accelerating application deployments.


Uncover Opportunities to Accelerate Time to Market

Integrating modern CIAM features might seem like a daunting task, especially when juggling other development priorities. Next Reason's CIAM Maturity Scorecard provides a powerful tool to streamline your development process and accelerate deployments.
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Gain a clear roadmap: Our scorecard assesses your current CIAM maturity level, pinpointing existing integration gaps and vulnerabilities. This data-driven roadmap prioritizes essential features and functionalities, allowing your team to focus on the most impactful integrations first.
Benchmark industry standards: Compare your security practices with established industry best practices, identifying areas for improvement and strategic advancement.
Reduce development time: By understanding your CIAM maturity, you can leverage pre-built connectors and best practices readily available within our platform. This eliminates the need to "reinvent the wheel", saving your team valuable time and resources during the integration process.
Informed decision-making: The CIAM Maturity Scorecard provides valuable insights into your organization's overall CIAM readiness. This empowers your team to make informed decisions about resource allocation and development priorities, ensuring your applications are built on a solid foundation of security and compliance.
With the CIAM Maturity Scorecard, you can gain clarity, save time, and make informed decisions. This translates to faster development cycles, smoother deployments, and ultimately, a competitive edge in the market.

Simplify CIAM Integrations

Integrating your applications with a robust CIAM platform can be a complex and time-consuming process. Next Reason's CIAM Managed App Onboarding service eliminates this burden, allowing your team to focus on core development activities while we handle the technical complexities.
Seamless integration expertise: Our team of CIAM experts takes the helm, simplifying and expediting the integration of your applications with our CIAM platform. This frees your developers to focus on application features and functionality, ensuring faster time-to-market.
Reduced development burden: Eliminate the need for your team to learn and implement complex CIAM protocols. Our managed onboarding service handles the technical intricacies, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration experience.
Customized approach: We tailor our onboarding process to your specific needs and timeframe, ensuring a seamless integration that aligns with your overall development goals.
With CIAM Managed App Onboarding, you can streamline development workflows, minimize development overhead, and achieve faster application deployments. This allows your team to focus on what they do best – building innovative features and delivering exceptional user experiences.
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Relieve the Application Support Burden

Maintaining a secure and efficient CIAM infrastructure can be a significant drain on your team's resources. Next Reason's CIAM Managed Operations service alleviates this burden, allowing your team to focus on core development activities while we ensure the smooth operation of your CIAM platform.
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Ongoing maintenance and support: Our dedicated team of experts handles routine tasks like updates, security patches, and troubleshooting, freeing your developers to focus on strategic initiatives.
Reduced operational overhead: Eliminate the need for your team to manage and maintain CIAM infrastructure. This translates to significant cost savings and allows your team to dedicate resources towards core development tasks.
Enhanced security posture: Benefit from our expertise in maintaining the latest security best practices and standards, keeping your applications and user data safe from evolving threats.
With CIAM Managed Operations, you can enjoy peace of mind, optimize resource allocation, and ensure the ongoing security and performance of your CIAM platform. This empowers your team to focus on innovation and deliver exceptional application experiences.

CIAM Expertise on Demand

Navigating the complexities of CIAM can be challenging, especially when juggling development priorities. Next Reason's CIAM Managed Center of Excellence (CoE) provides your team with unparalleled access to expert guidance and best practices, empowering them to accelerate development and optimize CIAM integration within your applications.
Expert knowledge at your fingertips: Gain immediate access to a team of CIAM specialists who can provide personalized guidance throughout the integration process. This readily available expertise ensures your team makes informed decisions and avoids costly integration pitfalls.
Proactive identification of issues: Our CoE proactively identifies potential integration challenges before they impact your development timeline. This allows your team to address issues early on and ensure smooth integration throughout the development cycle.
Continuous learning and improvement: Benefit from our ongoing commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest CIAM trends and best practices. This ensures your team has access to the most relevant and innovative approaches to CIAM integration.
By leveraging the CIAM Managed Center of Excellence, you can bridge the knowledge gap, avoid costly missteps, and implement a secure and efficient CIAM foundation for your applications. This translates to faster development, enhanced user experiences, and ultimately, a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
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Partner with Next Reason to:

Accelerate Development Cycles: Streamline complex CIAM integrations and focus on core development activities through services like the CIAM Maturity Scorecard and CIAM Managed App Onboarding.
Reduce Development Burden: Eliminate the need for your team to learn and manage intricate CIAM protocols with our CIAM Managed Operations and CoE services.
Deploy Applications Faster: Achieve faster application deployment through streamlined integrations, reduced development overhead, and expert guidance from Next Reason.
Focus on Innovation: Free your developers to focus on what matters most – building innovative features and delivering exceptional user experiences.

By partnering with Next Reason, you can unlock the full potential of your application development team and bring innovative and secure applications to market faster. Let us help you streamline your CIAM journey and achieve a competitive edge in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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