Fast-Track Your Digital Transformation with Next Identity Adopt

Stop wasting time on complex app onboarding and manual integrations. Next Identity Adopt empowers your team to seamlessly integrate new applications, accelerate feature rollouts, and unlock the full potential of your digital initiatives.

Reduce time to market

Get apps up and running faster, shortening the innovation cycle.

Effortless integration

Simplify secure connections between applications and your CIAM platform.

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Enable self-service CIAM onboarding

Delegate tasks to apps and free up IT resources for strategic projects.

Enhanced security

Maintain robust access controls throughout the onboarding process.


Simple, yet powerful features

Effortless Provisioning

Next Identity Adopt takes the complexity out of app onboarding with its intuitive Provision feature.

Predefined configuration templates: Eliminate manual configuration errors and ensure consistent security protocols across all integrations.
Governance-friendly: Adhere to your organization's strictest compliance requirements with built-in controls.
Streamlined workflows: Simplify the creation of integration clients, saving valuable time and resources.

Streamline Every Integration with Projects

Next Identity Adopt's Projects feature transforms app onboarding into a structured, efficient process.

Centralized project management: Manage each application's integration journey from start to finish in a single, unified workspace.
Template-driven efficiency: Leverage pre-built templates for provisioning and configuration, ensuring consistency and reducing errors.
Customizable workflows: Tailor the onboarding process to your specific requirements, guiding teams through each step effortlessly.

Optimize CIAM Resources & Efficiency

Next Identity Adopt's Self-Service Onboarding feature breaks down silos and empowers teams to take ownership of application integrations.

Delegate control: Grant line-of-business users the ability to onboard approved applications, reducing the burden on IT resources.
Simplified management: Intuitive admin controls enable you to define clear permissions, specifying which features can be configured and by whom.
Improved agility: Self-service onboarding fosters faster deployments and increased innovation by streamlining the integration process.

Effortlessly Move Customer Identity Data Between Systems

Next Identity Adopt empowers secure and efficient customer data migration with its intuitive Customer Data Onboarding feature.

Flexible migration options: Choose between bulk data transfers or real-time synchronization based on your specific needs.
"Just-in-Time" onboarding: Ensure seamless customer experience by migrating data only when customers log in for the first time.
Robust security: Maintain the highest standards of data protection throughout the migration process.
Accelerate CIAM App Onboarding Faster Than You Thought Possible

Stop wasting valuable time and resources on manual app onboarding. Next Identity Adopt empowers your team to streamline integrations, accelerate feature rollouts, and unlock a new era of digital agility.

Experience the transformative power of Adopt with a personalized demo. Our experts will walk you through the platform's capabilities and showcase how it can:
Reduce time-to-market: Get apps up and running faster, shortening the innovation cycle and driving quicker business value.
Effortlessly integrate applications: Simplify secure connections between your CIAM platform and new applications, eliminating integration headaches.
Empower self-service onboarding: Delegate tasks and free up IT resources for strategic projects, fostering greater collaboration and agility.
Enhance security: Maintain robust access controls throughout the onboarding process, ensuring the highest standards of data protection.
Increase operational efficiency: Streamline workflows and eliminate manual configuration errors, reducing the risk of human intervention.
Don't just take our word for it. See Next Identity Adopt in action and discover how it can revolutionize your approach to CIAM app onboarding.
Contact our team today to schedule a free demo and unlock the full potential of your digital transformation journey.
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