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Struggling to integrate your applications with a patchwork of third-party services? Next Identity Connect simplifies the process, allowing you to seamlessly integrate diverse tools and services to create unified and secure customer journeys.

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Unlock a new level of efficiency and security with Connect:


Unmatched security

Uphold stringent compliance standards and mitigate security risks by seamlessly integrating your chosen security solutions.


Effortless integration

Ditch complex coding and manual integrations. Connect offers pre-built connectors for leading services and flexible APIs for custom needs.

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Boosted efficiency

Streamline development by reducing time and resource allocation with Connect's streamlined workflow and pre-built connectors.


Enhanced customer experience

Deliver frictionless, secure, and personalized customer journeys across all your applications.


Reduced risk

Proactively address security concerns with seamless integration of risk analysis engines.

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Improved visibility

Gain comprehensive insights by easily streaming audit logs to your preferred security solution.

Stop managing a maze of integrations.

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Game changer for your CIAM processes

Streamline User Authentication with IDPs

Next Identity Connect seamlessly integrates with leading Identity Providers (IDPs) like Akamai, Keycloak, and Okta, leveraging OIDC for secure and standardized communication. This simplifies integration, enhances security, and offers a familiar login experience for users.

Centralized user management: Leverage existing user identities managed by your IDP.
Enhanced security: Adhere to industry standards like OIDC.
Improved user experience: Offer familiar logins across applications.
Reduced development time: Eliminate custom login solutions.

Deliver Personalized and Timely Communication

Ensure your critical transactional emails and notifications reach the right users at the right time. Next Identity Connect offers seamless integrations with top email vendors like SendGrid, DuoCircle, and more.

Customizable emails: Design and deliver branded, personalized transactional emails that enhance user engagement.
Reliable delivery: Maintain high deliverability with established email providers.
Simplified setup: Quickly set up and manage your transactional email workflows.
Streamlined workflow: Send customer journey updates, password resets, and more – all within one platform.

Boost Engagement with SMS Notifications

Reach your users directly with important notifications and updates via their preferred channel – SMS. Next Identity Connect integrates seamlessly with leading SMS vendors such as TeleSign, Twilio, and others.

Instant reach: Communicate urgent information directly to users' mobile devices.
Increased security: Enable secure authentication methods like two-factor authentication (2FA).
Personalized notifications: Send tailored reminders, alerts, promotions, and more.
Easy integration: Connect with your chosen SMS vendor with minimal effort.

Enable Simplified Login with Social Providers

Offer users the convenience of login and registration with their existing social media accounts. Next Identity Connect supports seamless integration with popular social authentication services like Google, Facebook, and others.

Frictionless user experience: Eliminate the need to create new accounts.
Faster onboarding: Streamline new user registration, boosting adoption rates.
Enhanced security: Leverage robust security measures of leading social platforms.
Enriched user profiles: Optionally gather additional user data to personalize experiences.

Mitigate Fraud and Security Risks with Proactive Risk Analysis

Protect your applications and users by seamlessly integrating with your preferred risk analysis engines like IPQualityScore or Akamai Edge Protect. Next Identity Connect empowers you to make informed access decisions based on real-time risk insights.

Detect fraudulent activity: Identify suspicious login attempts, bot activity, and potential fraud.
Enforce adaptive authentication: Dynamically adjust authentication measures based on risk levels.
Protect user accounts: Safeguard user data and prevent account takeovers.
Ensure compliance: Meet regulatory requirements and security standards.

Comprehensive Observability into your CIAM Service

Streamline the monitoring and analysis of critical security and user activity logs. Next Identity Connect seamlessly integrates with industry-leading logging solutions like Splunk, Datadog, and more to support your cybersecurity and compliance requirements.

Centralized logging: Gain a unified view of user activity and events across applications.
Proactive threat detection: Identify anomalies and potential security incidents in real-time.
Enhanced compliance: Meet audit and reporting requirements with ease.
Simplified troubleshooting: Quickly diagnose issues and optimize performance.

Enrich Customer Data and Personalize Journeys

Build a comprehensive view of your customers by connecting Next Identity with your preferred CRM, such as Salesforce. Synchronize user data and events across platforms for powerful personalization and tailored experiences.

360-degree customer view: Access and leverage rich CRM data to inform identity journeys.
Targeted user experiences: Deliver personalized content, offers, and support interactions.
Improved marketing outcomes: Align identity events with marketing automation for greater ROI.
Streamlined workflow: Automate updates and reduce manual data synchronization.

Extend Your CIAM Service with Custom Integrations

Next Identity Connect empowers you to go beyond pre-built solutions with its robust custom integration capabilities. Develop your own integrations to connect with unique third-party services and applications, tailoring the platform to your specific business needs.

Unmatched flexibility: Connect with any service or application, unlocking endless possibilities.
Future-proof platform: Adapt your integrations as your business and technology landscape evolve.
Complete control: Maintain full ownership and control over your custom integrations.
Expert support: Leverage Next Reason's expertise for guidance and support throughout the development process.
Ready to streamline integrations, elevate user experiences, and empower your business to achieve more?

Next Identity Connect is the unified platform you need to orchestrate powerful user journeys, seamlessly integrate diverse third-party services, and unlock a new level of efficiency and security.

Schedule a demo today and experience firsthand how Connect can:
Simplify integrations: Ditch complex coding and manual configurations. Connect offers pre-built connectors for leading services and flexible APIs for custom needs.
Elevate user experiences: Deliver frictionless, secure, and personalized journeys across all your applications.
Boost efficiency: Streamline development and reduce resource allocation with Connect's streamlined workflow and pre-built connectors.
Enhance security: Uphold stringent compliance standards and mitigate security risks by seamlessly integrating your chosen security solutions.
Empower informed decision-making: Gain comprehensive insights with centralized logging and real-time risk analysis.
Personalize customer interactions: Connect with your CRM to enrich customer data and tailor experiences.
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