Security is Next Identity’s Top Priority

Protecting your customer identities is paramount. Breaches and fraudulent activities can have a devastating impact on your business, damaging customer trust and brand reputation. Next Identity's Secure product empowers you to fortify your customer identity infrastructure and safeguard user accounts with comprehensive security solutions.

Next Identity Secure offers a suite of features designed to
defend your business and customers against evolving threats:


Enhanced security posture:

Secure your customer identity service with industry-leading features and scalable infrastructure.


Reduced security risks:

Proactively prevent account breaches, fraud, and other threats.

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Improved customer trust:

Foster a secure environment that earns and retains customer confidence.


Frictionless user experience:

Maintain a seamless experience for your customers while upholding robust security measures.

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Security Features of Next Identity

Scale with Confidence

Next Identity understands your business needs to grow and evolve. That's why Secure's Business Guard delivers a scalable infrastructure capable of supporting millions of customers while maintaining exceptional performance and reliability.

High availability: Minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted access to your customer identity service with Business Guard's built-in redundancy and failover mechanisms. Even in the event of hardware or software failures, your service remains accessible and operational.
High confidentiality: Business Guard prioritizes the privacy and security of your customer data. We employ robust encryption measures and fine-grained access controls to safeguard sensitive information. Rest assured, your data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access.
High integrity: Maintaining the accuracy and consistency of your data is crucial. Business Guard utilizes tamper-proof mechanisms and rigorous data validation processes to guarantee the integrity of your information. You can trust that the data you rely on is reliable and accurate.
Disaster recovery: Be prepared for the unexpected. Business Guard incorporates a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to ensure your customer identity service remains operational even in the face of unforeseen disruptions. We help you minimize downtime and recover quickly from potential disasters.

Your First Line of Defense

Next Identity's Secure platform recognizes the critical importance of preventing threats before they infiltrate your system. That's where Edge Guard comes in, acting as your unwavering first line of defense.

Advanced threat detection: Employing sophisticated security protocols, Edge Guard actively identifies and blocks malicious actors attempting to gain unauthorized access to your customer identity service.
Real-time monitoring: Edge Guard continuously monitors your system activity, providing real-time insights into potential threats and suspicious behavior. This allows for swift intervention and mitigation before any damage occurs.
Zero-trust architecture: Edge Guard adheres to a zero-trust security model, assuming no user or device is inherently trustworthy. This rigorous approach ensures that only authorized customers and applications gain access to your system.
Reduced attack surface: By strategically implementing Edge Guard's security measures at the perimeter of your network, you significantly reduce the attack surface and minimize the potential for vulnerabilities.

Intelligent Defense Against Account Takeovers

Next Identity's Threat Guard offers an adaptive defense system designed to protect your customer accounts from various forms of fraud and unauthorized access. It goes beyond passwords, focusing on behaviors and patterns to give you the advantage against dynamic threats.

Bot protection: Identify and block automated attacks and malicious bots designed to compromise your customer accounts, reducing the risk of fake accounts and spam.
New device detection: Threat Guard flags login attempts from unfamiliar devices, alerting you to potential unauthorized access. This allows you to implement additional security measures such as adaptive authentication or block the attempt altogether.
Impossible travel analysis: Threat Guard detects login attempts that seem geographically impossible, such as a user logging in from Mexico City and then from New York City within minutes. This helps catch fraudulent activities quickly.
Potential fraud monitoring: Continuously analyze user behavior and transactions for patterns that might indicate fraudulent activity. Take proactive measures to protect your customers and minimize financial losses.

Weak Passwords are a Gateway to Breaches

Next Identity's Password Guard acts as a powerful safeguard for your customer accounts, recognizing that compromised passwords are a significant security risk. Password Guard proactively prevents account takeovers, reduces fraud, and protects your company's reputation.

Password history analysis: Prevent customers from reusing old, potentially compromised passwords. This helps maintain the integrity of your customer accounts.
Password strength enforcement: Ensure customers create strong, complex passwords that resist brute-force attacks and dictionary attacks. Customizable rules allow you to enforce your own password strength requirements.
Breach database checks: Guard proactively cross-references new passwords against databases of known breached passwords. This helps identify compromised passwords and prevent them from being used on your platform.
Promoting security best practices: Educates customers about the importance of password security and encourages them to adopt good password hygiene, further strengthening your security posture.
Ensure Your Customers Security with Next Identity

Next Identity's Secure platform offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to fortify your customer identity infrastructure and safeguard user accounts:
Business Guard: Scale with confidence, ensuring unwavering security and uninterrupted service.
Edge Guard: Stand guard at the perimeter, acting as your first line of defense against evolving threats.
Threat Guard: Stay ahead of malicious actors with intelligent defense and customizable protection.
Password Guard: Protect your customers and your business with a robust password security solution.
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