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No one knows Akamai Identity Cloud and its migration process better than we do. Our Migration Accelerator eliminates the pain and uncertainty of complex migration projects, ensuring a stress-free transition.

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Yes, we are Akamai Identity Cloud experts! Did you know?

Next Reason’s team of experts has been working with the Akamai Identity Cloud for many years for the world's leading organizations.

Did you know that no team has more experience with Akamai Identity Cloud than Next Reason?

We have unparalleled knowledge of the product, mastering both its well-documented features and the undocumented API and rate limit quirks that often challenge developers. Our expertise has enabled us to develop best practices for orchestrating complex migration projects and efficiently moving apps and customer data from Akamai Identity Cloud to the CIAM platform of your choice.

Contact us to discover our prescriptive yet customizable solution for migrating your applications and customer data out of Akamai Identity Cloud.

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Migration Accelerator

Looking for a seamless and secure migration from a legacy CIAM vendor to a new one?

Here’s what you need to know: CIAM migrations don’t have to be stressful. Next Reason’s Migration Accelerator removes the complexity and uncertainty from intricate migration projects. Don’t let your company fall behind! Opt for a CIAM provider that continuously invests in innovation.

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Next Identity

In response to the frequent migration challenges encountered by organizations, we created Next Identity. This platform is our answer to efficiently onboarding, analyzing, and managing complex customer identity services for enterprises. It complements the CIAM Migration Accelerator seamlessly.

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The CIAM Migration Accelerator journey

— First step

Our experienced customer identity architects will review your CIAM landscape, learn about your migration goals, and build a custom migration plan combining our proven practices with your needs.
Our in-depth CIAM migration assessment starts with the CIAM Maturity Scorecard and equips you with the knowledge and roadmap to transition smoothly. We’ll provide:
Expert guidance: Our customer identity architects will be at your side throughout the process.
Deep analysis: We’ll review your CIAM landscape, security and compliance requirements, and propose innovations to deploy during your migration.
A customized roadmap: Develop a tailored plan that considers your unique business and customer needs that includes zero disruption to your customers.
Cost optimization solutions: We’ll help you find ways to take advantage of your migration to optimize your spend and efficiently scale operations.
A transparent & actionable plan: We’ll deliver a customized migration report that considers your unique needs while ensuring zero downtime for your business and a frictionless migration experience for your customers.
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Learn more about the benefits of our CIAM Maturity Scorecard service.
— Second step

Tired of the app integration struggles that come with migrations? Next Reason is the expert in CIAM app migrations. We developed our CIAM Managed App Onboarding service and Next Identity Adopt based on our deep experience orchestrating complex customer identity migration projects.

You’re probably thinking this migration is going to be a big headache that you weren’t planning on. We’ve got you covered: Next Reason is the expert in CIAM application onboarding so you can avoid a slow and costly migration for your service and applications. We’ve even turned our battle-tested application onboarding workflow into CIAM onboarding software that delivers:
Effortless self-service onboarding: Say goodbye to manual onboarding processes. Our Next Identity Adopt platform lets apps seamlessly onboard to your CIAM platform, slashing costs and time to market.
Prescriptive workflows with a personal touch: Our global adoption success service is adaptable to your unique needs. Our trained app onboarding and integration team work with you to develop onboarding packages and chargeback models, and guide apps from discovery to production—or we can train your CIAM team to orchestrate app onboarding with our software.
Deep insights at your fingertips: Gain total visibility into every onboarding step with Next Identity Adopt. Monitor progress, troubleshoot issues, and optimize deployments with ease.
Seamless data migration: Migrate customer data from to your new CIAM vendor smoothly, with both bulk and agile just-in-time options to minimize disruption and reduce risk.
Stop struggling with CIAM app onboarding and start succeeding. We can handle the toughest onboarding and integration challenges you can throw at us.
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— Third step

Do your apps need 24 x 7 support from our ITIL-certified (and SOC 2 Type 2 audited) team and a single point of contact for worry-free CIAM operations? It’s what we do best.
Need support for your CIAM migration to ensure seamless operations? Next Reason's got your back with our global, 24/7 support team—like a superhero squad for your enterprise CIAM service.

Here's what you get with our flagship Operational Integration service:
ITIL-certified and CIAM-specialized agents: We’ll staff a global support team dedicated to your organization, blending our best practices with your unique operational requirements.
24/7 incident management: Sleep soundly knowing your applications and customers are always covered.
Single point of contact: No more vendor ping-pong. We orchestrate support, so you have one friendly face to solve any issue.
Adaptable support, secure environment: We fit seamlessly into your existing helpdesk and meet your strictest data security and compliance standards (we’re SOC 2 Type 2 audited annually).
Scales to your needs: Whether you have ten apps or a thousand, we've got the muscle to handle your CIAM operations.
Forget CIAM operational anxiety. Let Next Reason operational integrator service guide your team into the future.
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Learn more about how our CIAM Managed Operations service achieves your organization’s support goals.
— Lat step

Leap ahead of your competitors and deploy emerging best practices in customer identity management like passkeys, risk-based authentication, and more with ease.
Invest in the future of your customer identity service and ensure your roadmap prioritizes innovation. While others get bogged down in the migration grind, Next Reason propels your CIAM journey towards the future of identity management with expert CIAM guides that will help you build a CIAM center of excellence for your organization. As we seamlessly move your applications and customers to your new platform, we'll become your partner in pioneering the next frontier of CIAM for your organization.

Embrace modern CIAM orchestration practices: We’ll provide customer identity thought leadership to guide your team to the highest levels of CIAM maturity.
Collaborate with our expert architects: Embed our expert resources into your team to innovate new solutions and customer experiences.
Leverage real-time insights: Gain insights from Next Identity Analyze from to inform your future CIAM roadmap.
Staying ahead of the curve: Deploy cutting-edge security and privacy solutions.
Next Reason isn't just about getting you to your new CIAM destination – it's about launching you into a whole new orbit of possibilities. We'll be your co-pilot, fueling your journey with strategic guidance, technical expertise, and a shared passion for CIAM innovation.

Don't settle for a routine migration. Embrace the potential for transformation. Contact Next Reason today and let's chart your course to a truly groundbreaking CIAM future!
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Learn more about how our CIAM Managed Center of Excellence service keeps your organization on the cutting edge of security, customer experience, and compliance.

Don't settle for an off-the-shelf CIAM migration.
Invest in a personalized migration that combines our CIAM expertise with your vision.

Contact Next Reason today and let's chart your course to a truly groundbreaking CIAM future!


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Comprehensive Strategy and Planning
Our seasoned experts work closely with your team to craft a tailored migration strategy that aligns with your business goals, technical requirements, and user expectations.
Meticulous Execution
Whether you are moving applications, reconfiguring systems, or migrating consumer data, our experts execute the migration with precision.
Compliance and Security Assurance
Our team operates in full compliance with SOC 2 Type 2 standards, adhering to stringent security protocols and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.
Ongoing Support and Optimization
The Migration Accelerator service includes ongoing support to address any post-migration issues, fine-tune configurations, and optimizations.
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