CIAM Managed Application Onboarding

App integration, data migration, and onboarding orchestration as a service

Tired of how long it takes and how much it costs to onboard applications to your customer identity service? With standardized and proven, cost-effective solutions, we’re capable of handling the toughest CIAM adoption challenges you can throw at us.

Target Audience

Next Reason’s CIAM Managed Application Onboarding service is designed for organizations of all sizes that are struggling with the time-consuming and costly process of integrating applications with their CIAM service. Whether you're using a popular CIAM platform or a custom-built system, our solution caters to businesses facing complex integrations, slow data migrations, and inconsistent onboarding experiences that frustrate both users and your IT team. If you're looking to streamline your integrations, conquer onboarding challenges, and free up your IT resources for other priorities, read on to learn more about why our CIAM Managed Application Onboarding is the perfect solution for you.


Integrating a new application with your CIAM platform might seem like a straightforward task. But in reality, it can quickly become a tangled web of custom code, manual data migrations, and inconsistent user experiences. This is where productivity grinds to a halt, deadlines loom, and budgets balloon.

You're not alone. Organizations of all sizes encounter the same challenges: months-long integrations, error-prone data transfers, and onboarding processes that leave users frustrated and IT teams overwhelmed. This is the CIAM integration trap, and it's costing your business valuable time, resources, and customer satisfaction.

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    Manual integrations require specialized coding: This leads to increased development time, dependency on specific developers, and higher costs.

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    Data migration is prone to errors: Manual data transfers are time-consuming, susceptible to human mistakes, and can compromise data integrity.

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    Inconsistent onboarding experiences: Fragmented processes create confusion for users, leading to drop-off and decreased adoption of new applications.

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    Hidden costs and delays: Unexpected challenges and revisions balloon budgets and push deadlines further back.

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    Strained IT resources: Manual integrations and data migration pull valuable IT resources away from strategic initiatives.

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    Security and compliance risks: Poor integrations with access to sensitive customer data can create unacceptable business risks.

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    Compliance risks: Manual processes make it difficult to ensure adherence to data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

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    Poor user experience: Friction in the onboarding process leads to user frustration and potential churn.


Next Reason has migrated hundreds of applications and millions of customers for some of the most complex organizations in the world. Next Reason's unique CIAM Managed Application Onboarding service offers a proven path out of the CIAM integration trap, delivering a smooth, efficient, and cost-effective experience combining both software and services.

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    Experienced CIAM integration advisors: Whether you need to support ten, 20, or 50 concurrent app onboardings, Next Reason’s team of specialized advisors are trained in app integration from discovery to deployment, and will support you and your apps every step of the way to ensure a successful migration.

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    Deep insights at your fingertips: Gain total visibility into every step of the app onboarding journey with Next Identity Adopt. Monitor progress, troubleshoot issues, and optimize deployments with ease no matter how many concurrent onboardings you need to support.

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    Standardized provisioning and integration templates: Ditch the custom coding. Our pre-built templates for popular use cases seamlessly connect your your apps with your CIAM service, saving you precious development time and resources.

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    Prescriptive workflows with a personal touch: Our global adoption success service is adaptable to your unique needs. Our trained app onboarding and integration team work with you to develop onboarding packages and chargeback models, and guide apps from discovery to production—or we can train your CIAM team to orchestrate app onboarding with our software.

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    Seamless data migration: Migrate customer data from to your new CIAM vendor smoothly, with both bulk and just-in-time options with Next Identity Unify to minimize disruption and reduce risk.

Stop struggling with CIAM app onboarding and start succeeding. With Next Reason's CIAM Managed Application Onboarding service, you can escape the integration trap and unlock the full potential of your CIAM platform.


Beyond escaping the CIAM integration trap, our solution unlocks a wealth of benefits that directly impact your business.


Service Tiers

Adopt DIY

1 week of Next Identity Adopt training for your CIAM app onboarding team (30 hrs)

Adopt Kickstarter

Up to ten (10) concurrent onboardings supported in a single region to rapidly integrate apps into your CIAM service.

Adopt Accelerator

Up to 20 concurrent onboardings across up to two (2) regions to rapidly integrate apps into your CIAM service.

Adopt Global

Up to 30 concurrent onboardings across up to three (3) regions to rapidly integrate apps into your CIAM service.

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