Enterprise CIAM Fully Realized with Acquia and Next Identity

Nate Szytel
September 8, 2023

Building and maintaining a robust Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform is essential for enterprises. A well-structured CIAM system not only ensures seamless user experiences but also enhances security and trust between the customer and the services being offered. Combining the power of Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity can create a formidable synergy, resulting in a comprehensive CIAM platform tailored to the needs of enterprises. In this blog post, we will explore how these two innovative solutions can be combined to achieve a robust enterprise CIAM platform.

“Combining the power of Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity create a comprehensive CIAM platform tailored to the needs of enterprises.”

Understanding Acquia Site Factory

Acquia Site Factory (ASF) is the leading web content management system built using Drupal and designed to empower organizations to manage and scale their portfolio of digital experiences. With its multi-site management capabilities, ASF streamlines the process of creating and managing multiple websites, making it an ideal choice for enterprises with complex digital ecosystems.

Exploring Next Identity

Next Identity is a state-of-the-art CIAM solution that offers a suite of features, including user registration, authentication, profile management, and maybe most importantly application governance. It’s built with scalability and security in mind, making it suitable for enterprise-grade applications. Next Identity ensures that users have seamless and secure access to the digital services they require while providing organizations with valuable user data and insights. But it also gives service administrators tools to onboard, track, and maintain all of the applications across their complex landscape with Lifecycle Management tools.

Combining Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity

Now, let’s dive into how Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity can be combined to create a robust enterprise CIAM platform:

Seamless Integration: Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity can be seamlessly integrated through OpenID Connect (OIDC) in minutes using open source Drupal OIDC module, allowing organizations to leverage the power of both solutions without complex configurations. Users can access various websites and services managed by ASF while having a consistent and secure identity management experience provided by Next Identity.

Rapid Digital Transformation: Through the use of centralized administration of identity configuration, enterprises can make adoption and roll-out of key features easy. This includes Passwordless options (biometrics, Passkeys, and others), Zero Trust frameworks, Threat Intelligence, and centralized content and profile management.

Centralized User Profiles: With Next Identity, user profiles and data can be centralized and managed efficiently using Universal Account which allows customers to manage their preferences such as security settings, devices, languages, and personal details. This ensures that user information is consistent across all websites and applications built on Acquia Site Factory. Users can update their profiles once, and the changes will reflect across the entire digital ecosystem.

Enhanced Security: Next Identity’s robust authentication and Threat Guard capabilities strengthen the security of Acquia Site Factory-managed websites. Plus multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and adaptive access policies can be implemented to safeguard user accounts and data.

User Analytics and Personalization: By combining user data from Next Identity with Acquia Site Factory’s content management capabilities, enterprises can deliver personalized experiences to their customers. Especially if paired with Acquia’s CDP, this results in higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Localization: Both Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity contain a robust and flexible translation capability. Next Identity Translations comes with 30+ languages out-of-the-box, but can be customized at a default, environment, property, or client level with inheritance down through the hierarchy. Pair that with Drupal’s ability to localize sites on a global scale with multilingual capabilities that help enterprises build and run sites internationally.

Scalability: Both Acquia Site Factory and Next Identity are designed for scalability. As your enterprise grows, this combined solution can easily accommodate increased traffic and user demands without compromising performance or security.

Compliance and Governance: Next Identity offers tools for managing consent and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. This is crucial for enterprises operating in multiple regions with varying legal requirements.

Cost Reduction: By integrating these two solutions, enterprises can reduce costs related to user management, development, and maintenance. The unified platform streamlines operations and simplifies the management of digital properties.

🔐 Unlock the potential of Enterprise CIAM through the powerful collaboration of Acquia and Next Identity.

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