The magic of brand loyalty and the future of enterprise unified ID management

Nate Szytel
February 27, 2023

There is a growing disconnect between consumers’ emotional attachment to a brand as the digital world gets better at offering us such frictionless experiences. Think about ordering dinner from a third-party app and having it left at your door 30 minutes later. In addition, the advertising and marketing playing field has been leveled through the use of social media and third-party cookies will soon be a thing of the past. However, with the increasing popularity of online transactions, brand loyalty and trust is crucial for driving growth. So how do enterprises create more meaningful connections with their consumers?

As a way to drive brand loyalty, marketers have relied on rewards, such as swag or free goods, based on points. This approach does move the needle with the number of users who are signing up for these type of programs, but it tends to focus solely on growing the loyalty program rather than building trust and emotional connections. It is important to ask whether the loyalty program is actually driving revenue per market to increase share of wallet.

Enterprises must create brand trust that fosters a strong emotional connection with us as consumers in order to drive growth. A unified consumer identity strategy unlocks that door.

A global approach to a market digital identity platform allows each market to have the flexibility to run its own programs while still adhering to the global strategy. For instance, owner operators, who are essentially small business owners that might own a single establishment of a larger brand, know their customers and understand how to market or engage with audience. So these stakeholders need to be enabled By enabling owner operators to tap into the bigger strategy, but still maintain flexibility to run specific promotions, they can build customer loyalty organically and fuel company growth, without having to rely solely on reward services, which do not create brand loyalty.

All transactions via the loyalty engine should be funneled into a machine that ultimately improves the consumer’s experience. For example, by providing better personalization, offers, and more timely promotions based on activity. This approach allows the company to run a multi-faceted, market-specific loyalty program that maintains core principles around security, governance, accessibility, scalability, and adoption.

Next Identity is a customer identity adoption platform that enables big companies to establish a baseline for enabling individual markets. Developers can quickly integrate the platform, and Loyalty Program owners can use the Next Identity console to drive the global strategy, including becoming part of the Unified ID 2.0 compliant community. Through this connection, brands have a future-proof way of effectively marketing to consumers without relying on cookies. Consumers will have greater control of their data, leading to greater trust in the brand.

Each brand can customize its login screen while maintaining easily federated programs that enable consumers to use a single set of credentials across many apps, sites, and promotions. This also enables Zero Trust and passwordless capabilities, making every market secure and adoption easy.

Next Identity enables the Loyalty Program community to connect and better understand what is and isn’t working across the board. It connects ubiquitous login and registration systems to the service owner responsible for growing the platform and better understanding how customers engage with the brand. Furthermore, it enables Unified ID 2.0 operator support so that consumers can be better informed while keeping data privacy intact with third-party advertisements.

Next Reason is passionate about enabling global enterprises with their identity strategy. Send me a message if you would like to have a 30-minute chat about how we have helped others on their digital transformation journey through identity to grow brand loyalty and ultimately company growth.

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